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Sparva leverages technologies extensively to deliver efficient processes to our clients. We constantly scan the latest innovations to stay ahead in our industry to offer the most compelling services to our clients.


We collaborate with business users to build productive and user-friendly applications.


We adopt the latest tools in coding, testing and deployment cycle to ensure quality.

We collaborate with other teams to deliver robust end-to-end technical solutions.

Software Development and Application Support

Software development and application support play a vital part in supporting your business functions. We employ design thinking and software prototyping at scale to assist our clients to discover what means the most to them when it comes to process efficiency.

Design Thinking

We seek empathy with users to extract the most pertinent requirements for our software development team to make a difference and a positive impact to all new applications.

Software Prototyping

We aim to deliver rapid but valuable outcomes and therefore we put great emphasis on prototyping to ensure your business objectives are understood.


Ready for Technology? Let's Build Together

We enable technology to digitalise your business

Data Security
Data App
Data Visualization
Data Validation

Technology Services for Your Business Ideas

We embrace the latest technological advancements in data management and analytics to deliver cost-effective solutions to support your business ideas.

Technology Innovation

Technology innovation involves using the latest digital advancements in new ways to create value for our clients. Our clients benefit from these innovations in the form of enhanced user experience or improved business processes.

Business Alignment

At the heart of our technology services, we constantly align the cost of new technologies to the business benefits envisaged. New initiatives in technology is evaluated via a validation process to protect your investments.

Pricing Plan

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Basic Plan

$39/Per Month

Mobile Application

Android App Design

Mobile App Development

Software Development


Professional Plan

$59/Per Month

Android App Design

Mobile App Development

Software Development

Data Security

Advance Plan

$79/Per Month

Mobile Application

Android App Design

Mobile App Development

Software Development